• Baby Clothing

    Baby Clothing (12)

    A range of Baby Clothing from bibs to baby grows, specially selected with quality in mind. Some items are able to be personalised, as per your requirements.
  • Ceramic Ornaments

    Ceramic Ornaments (4)

    Ceramic Ornaments A limited selection of Ceramic Ornaments, ideal for home furnishing. Please take a browse to explore the unique items on offer. Keep an eye out for seasonal items, such as our special Christmas range.
  • Ceramics & Glass

    Ceramics & Glass (18)

    Ceramics & Glass Below you will find a wide variety of glass and ceramic products, from shot glasses, to photo mugs. Furthermore, we also offer acrylic photo glass blocks and glass coasters. These are all ideal for reflecting high-quality prints. At Lady Personalised we produce gifts for all occasions and for people of all different ages. If you are shopping…
  • Corporate

    Corporate (11)

    Corporate The items listed below are for business use. Although most are usually sold in multiples of six, at Lady Personalised, there is no minimum order. These products include: Adult T-shirts, corporate mugs, coasters and cushions. In addition to this, we offer unique metal business cards, aluminium sheets, wall-mount panels and desk blocks. Corporate items and packages can be personalised…
  • General Imprintables

    General Imprintables (26)

    General Imprintables A specially selected collection of general imprintables, ideal for gift purposes. Please check out the products below to find a product which suits your budget and requirements. Lady Personalised has a range of ceramics, ideal for home furnishing, as well as glass products. These include: glass blocks and prints, as well as photo mugs and shot glasses. All…
  • Non-Printable Items

    Non-Printable Items (5)

    A range of set items, readily available to purchase.
  • PPE Supplies

    PPE Supplies (3)

    PPE Supplies Given the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK currently experiencing a high demand for personal protective equipment. This is also also known as PPE supplies. Lady Personalised has a commitment towards aiming to support both individuals and businesses in their bid to stay safe. Below you will find a range of personal protective equipment. These include:…
  • Slates

    Slates (6)

    Slates This range below has been carefully selected, with different sizes and shapes available. These include: heart shaped, rectangular shaped and square shaped slates, as well as hanging slates and coasters. The high quality of these products allows them to enhance your images. The products in this category are ideal for use as a gift for a variety of different…
  • Soft Products

    Soft Products (10)

    Soft Products The range below includes a selection of soft products, such as customised cushions, as well as soft toys, which is ideal to capture special images and memories. Cushions include an insert and their price is highly competitive. Furthermore, you can personalise your cushions with precious photos or any memorable text of your choice. Our soft toy range consists…
  • Special Occasions

    Special Occasions (20)

    Special Occasions Keep an eye on this page to keep updated on gifts available for special occasions, from birthdays, to Valentine’s day, to Christmas! A large proportion of these products come from the soft-toy range. The teddy’s t-shirts are able to be personalised with a small image or text of your choice. The soft-toys displayed below make the perfect, unique…
  • Standard Products

    Standard Products (8)

    A selection of standard products, readily available to purchase.
  • Textiles

    Textiles (16)

    Textiles This range of products features an array of textiles, for personal or corporate use. You will find t-shirts ranging from as big as XL- adult sizes, to baby sized t-shirts and rompersuits. The children’s clothing in this range is ideal for many occasions, from small, personalised baby shower gifts, to birthday gifts or everyday use. Why not explore your…
  • Uncategorised

    Uncategorised (1)

    Unique gift items.