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Face Masks- 50 Disposable Surgical IIR masks




IIR Surgical Face Masks

Face masks have now become more essential than ever due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

These masks are of a 2R rating and are therefore, of a very high-quality. They are blue and white in colour and also extremely comfortable, with elasticated loops around the ears. This makes them an ideal source of personal protective equipment for those in medical professions, such as doctors, nurses and dentists.

In addition to the above, masks can also be used by the general public. For example, they are perfect for when people come into close contact with others in enclosed spaces. This can include situations like travelling on trains, buses or visiting shops. These are all situations where social distancing can be extremely difficult to follow through with. Furthermore, the need to cover faces may also be a prevalent issue in the workplace. This is especially the case in offices where groups often work together.


Please note – Masks are supplied in boxes of 50. 

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